Are you looking to prolong the life of your suite? As much as we all love chocolate, the last place you want it, is on is your suite. We sell a wide range of chair arm covers, chair or sofa backs and settee backs or if you like antimacassars as they used to be called. You need something to just put on the arm and backs that you can take off and pop in the wash and clean off that chocolate rather than trying every detergent you have under the sink and risk bleaching or fading the fabric. Here at easy care tablecloths, we have the solution to your dilemma, take a look through our wide range of chair backs, arm covers and settee backs and i’m sure we will have one to suit your needs.

Scroll arm caps and chair backs.

This design has a lovely scroll pattern on it with a nice narrow lace edge. It comes in mini, regular and jumbo size. All the arm caps and chair backs are sold separately so you buy the amount you need. Scroll comes in light cream, deep beige, burgundy and terracotta. These are all hand wash or dry clean.

Chenille arm covers and chair backs

These are so soft to the touch and will enhance any suite with the lovely colours of grey, black, brown, cream, gold, burgundy and green. They come in mini, regular and jumbo arm caps and single chair backs so you would need three for a three seater settee for example. These are all hand washable or dry clean

Tapestry castle arm covers, chair backs and settee backs.

A nice traditional design of brown floral which has always been a best seller for us over the many years. Very hard wearing and again hand wash or dry clean. The arm caps come in mini, regular and jumbo size. We are able to do a two seater and a three seater settee back in the tapestry design as well as the single chair backs.

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