Christmas is just around the corner. Maybe you have most things prepared, like the presents wrapped and cranberry sauce stocked. You may have even found Christmas crackers that don’t contain novelty screwdrivers. Though you might not have given much thought to how your dining table will look, because really we all know the turkey is the main event. However, if you think your old Christmas tablecloth needs a little rest, heres what we have in store. Also, we promise there are no turkey gravy stains on ours.

red tablecloth
red placemat

Lavish Red Tablecloth

This Lavish red Christmas tablecloth is perfect for this time of year. It has a vibrant colour, scalloped edge and delicate cut work. This cloth also boasts a decorative embroidered gold candle and scrolls design which is both traditional and stylish. It is sure to brighten up any Christmas dinner table. This range comes in a round, oblong and square sizes which will suit many different types of table. If you like this design the Lavish range also contains tree skirts, runners, mantle runners, napkins, doilies and cushion covers.

White tablecloth

white christmas runner

Spruce Tablecloth

The Spruce Christmas tablecloths are another embroidered piece, which with its ivory base will fit in easy with any table settings or decorations you may already own. This Christmas tablecloth has a green and red embroidered tree and gifts detail both on the centre and edge of the cloth. As with all our cloths is its easy care, machine washable and requires little or no ironing. The Spruce Christmas tablecloth comes in 3 different sizes and is oblong in shape. The range also contains a small square shaped cloth which would be ideal as a table centre for a cloth you may already have at home, or as a topper for a small table. There is also a runner in this range.

star tablecloth white & gold tablecloth

Snowflake Tablecloth

This Snowflake design Christmas tablecloth comes with the choice of either red or gold design. The snowflake embroidery is exquisitely detailed, however as it is along the edges of the cloth it is also quite subtle, perfect if you are after a no fuss Christmas tablecloth. The cloth itself is white with a scalloped edge, and both designs come in either round, oblong or square shaped. This Christmas tablecloth also comes in many different sizes, if you need any assistance with them just ask. As this design has the embroidery on the edges of the cloth, if you were looking for something bolder, you could add a runner from the same range which will complement the cloth nicely. This Christmas tablecloth is also easy care, machine washable and easy iron.

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