Plain Chenille 6 Chair Arm Covers and 5 Chair Backs – Burgundy


A set of 6 chenille chair arm covers and 5 chair backs in burgundy


A set of 6 chenille rounded arm chair covers and 5 chair backs in burgundy

  • Arm covers are Wide: 20 cm (8″), Depth: 15 cm (6″ ) Length: 43 cm (12.5″) 
  • Chair backs measure 36 x 51 cm (20.5 x 16″)
  • Made from hard wearing acrylic (42%) / polyester (40%) / cotton (18%) 
  • Also available in Cream, brown, black, grey, green and Gold.
  • Hand wash, Made in the UK

Burgundy chenille chair arm covers and chair backs

Protect your furniture with these stylish burgundy chenille chair arm covers and chair backs. They fit snugly onto the arms of your chairs and settee saving damage from dust, sunlight and day to day use. Matching chair backs compliment the set. They will enhance your chairs and settee giving a new lease of life to older furniture and protect new suites from early wear and tear.

Also known as antimacassers although that is the general term for the chair back. These are useful items and very popular giving a contemporary but retro feel to furniture. The first parts of any suite to show damage through wear is the arms and backs. These chair arm covers and backs will protect the fabric to keep it looking like new. They will greatly extend the life of your chairs and settee. They can easily be removed for either hand or machine washing, and ironing if needed.

Designs vary greatly from the more traditional lace cover type to embroidered floral designs through to the modern plain variety like the Chenille. Here in our store we have over 30 designs to choose from in various designs and colours for all tastes. The Chenille is available in 7 colours from cream to black. Matching chair backs are also available all at very reasonable prices. All items are sold in pairs for arm covers or singles for chair backs. There are also listings in store for complete sets of 6 arm covers and 5 chair backs.

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6 Chair Arm Covers & 5 Chair Backs




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